I styled the theorems in my document a bit, using the mdframed package. I'm glad with the result, but the frame sometimes breaks off incorrectly. I've created a sample to show you what's going wrong.



\textheight 22.4cm
\parskip 12pt
\mdfdefinestyle{mystyle}{ %
    backgroundcolor=lichtgrijs, %
    linewidth=0pt, %
    innertopmargin=10pt, %
    innerbottommargin=10pt %


        This is my theorem.
            \item It breaks of ugly.

As you can see, a gray banner from the theorem is shown on the second page. Obviously, that's not very desirable.

How can I prevent this?


You can add nobreak=true to your definition of `mystyle:

\mdfdefinestyle{mystyle}{ %
    backgroundcolor=lichtgrijs, %
    linewidth=0pt, %
    innertopmargin=10pt, %
    nobreak=true% prevent page breaks in the middle of mystyle

With this your theorem stays on the bottom of the first page:

enter image description here

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