As stated in the title, the use of \acuseall is giving me endless messages "LaTeX Warning: Label(s) may have changed. Rerun to get cross-references right". So I believe that something is wrong.



\acro{RAT}{RAT}{radio access technology}
\acro{CDMA}{CDMA}{code division multiple access}
\acro{OFDMA}{OFDMA}{orthogonal frequency division multiple access}
\acro{TDMA}{TDMA}{time division multiple access}
\acro{NOMA}{NOMA}{non-orthogonal multiple access}


% Mark all acronyms as used

\section{Spectrum Allocation\slash Trading}
    \frametitle{\insertsection: Traditional}%

        \item \alert{Dedicated licensed spectrum} 
        \item One operator, \ac{RAT}, etc.
        \item Orthogonality between different them, but 
        \item Shared (e.g., \ac{CDMA}) or orthogonal (e.g., \ac{OFDMA}) between users


        \item \alert{Shared licensed spectrum}
        \item At least two operators, \acp{RAT}, etc.
        \item Shared between them using time slots, i.e., \ac{TDMA}
        \item Shared (e.g., \ac{CDMA}), \ac{NOMA}, or orthogonal (e.g., \ac{OFDMA}) between users


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    I get no warning if I place \acuseall before \begin{document} – egreg Oct 15 '14 at 19:55
  • It works. I was lazy not testing that option. – cacamailg Oct 15 '14 at 20:02

The same behavior happens with the article class, so it seems a problem of timing in the processing of \acuseall.

Placing the command before \begin{document} seems to solve the issue. Probably the documentation should make this more clear.


This problem is resolved in version 1.6 (2015/02/26) of acro which has been sent to CTAN yesterday and should be available soon in TeX Live and MiKTeX.


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