i'm preparing a publication into Phys Rev E. they ask to use revtex. in revtex guidelines, they say that i should include eps files.

i already have all the plots made with latex symbols and formulas. so i just want to make a single plot.eps file out of each plot instead of eps+tex.

i used a keyword standalone. it worked partially. all the info is included however when i open the generated (latex plot.tex; dvips plot.tex) standalone plot.ps file i don't see the axis on the plot. they are truncated. if i open the plot.dvi file using xdvi and zoom out, i c the axis. so the frame is just smaller than a plot. is there an easy way to change the frame size or should i use ps terminal instead of epslatex?

  • i can't anser my own question but, i found that dvips just needs an option -E Commented Jun 14, 2011 at 18:25

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kirill_ignum was able to answer his own question:

run dvips with the option -E

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