Two questions regarding your subjective perception:

Should figures be typeset in the same or a different style than the document?


How "bad" is using a different font-size within figures?

I mean an intentional decision for LaTeX-typeset figures -- not the "third-party plotting-app"-discrepancy.

One could argue that figures using the same style (e.g. this topic) fit in smoothly.

One could also argue that figures provide supplementary information where a typographical distinction (e.g. sans-serif) can be helpful guiding the reader.

Looking forward to your thoughts. :-)

P.s.: My question is especially with regard to data-plots.

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    This seems to be highly subject dependent, someone commented the other day that they wanted figure text to be in sans but the body text in roman by default. I (with a math background) commented that that seemed somewhat bizarre choice but it was confirmed in chat that it is the norm in (at least) Chemistry and a requirement for many publications in that area. So basically "do what the publisher requires" seems like a good rule for getting stuff published... – David Carlisle Oct 20 '14 at 12:26
  • I agree when you want to get stuff published -- But these constraints can be ridiculous (the origin of some is explained in the KOMA documentation). Here, I am interested in personal opinions about good typesetting. – Suuuehgi Oct 20 '14 at 17:24

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