I am making a sheet where people can fill in answers of various types. For this I would like to make some boxes of certain width and height. How can this best be done? I use \fbox when I want to box a box around some text, but now I need to make a box with given dimensions.

I did noticed the question What are the different kinds of boxes in (La)TeX? but don't quite see the answer there.


You can use \framebox(200,300){} where the size is given in multiples of \unitlength, defaulting to 1pt.


Surprised no one has mentioned this. Latex has feature specifically for questions and answers:

% allow for answer boxes:



    % questions can be list items
    \item (Problem 7 \S 2.1)\\
    Evaluate the following expression using Euclid's algorithm (2.1.3). (\textbf{Write each step down for credit})

    \[\gcd(98,\ 35)\]

    % make an answer box
    \begin{solutionorbox}[2in] \\
    $98\mod 35 = 28$ \\
    $35\mod 28 = 7$ \\
    $28\mod 7 = 0$ \\
    $\gcd(98,\ 35) = 7$


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