I am writing a document for a group project and I obviously want to include everyone who was worked on this documentation but I'm not sure how I should properly add so many authors to one LaTeX document. Currently I am using the following code, but it returns the error Overfull \hbox when I then use \maketitle.

\title{Group Project - Project Specification}
\author{Anna Laura, John Batty, John Friend, Jack Cridland, Kamil Lewinsky, Leon Hassan, Punit Shah and Rowan Alexander}


How can I stop the box from overfilling?

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Use \and to separate authors.

\title{Group Project - Project Specification}
\author{Anna Laura \and John Batty \and John Friend \and Jack Cridland \and Kamil Lewinsky \and Leon Hassan \and Punit Shah \and Rowan Alexander}

If you want more, look in to authblk package.

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