I am making a poster with beamerposter and it is treating all my subfigures as part of a single figure, lettering them (a), (b), ..., (q), even though I very clearly \end{figure} several times, which should reset the count. I want each \begin{figure} ... \end{figure} block to have its own subfigure lettering, starting from (a). I copied the figures over directly from a .tex article where they are lettered appropriately. What am I doing wrong?

This is a minimal working example:


%-- Header and footer information ----------------------------------

%-- Main Document --------------------------------------------------

%-- Column 1 ---------------------------------------------------

    %-- Block 1-2
    \begin{block}{Section 1}

    \subfigure[$I_1$] {\includegraphics[height=2in]{pics/BA_scream_1.png} \label{BA_exp_1}}
    \subfigure[$I_2$] {\includegraphics[height=2in]{pics/BA_scream_2.png} \label{BA_exp_2}}
    \subfigure[$w$] {\includegraphics[height=2in]{pics/BA_scream_3.png} \label{BA_exp_3}}
    \subfigure[$I_2^w$] {\includegraphics[height=2in]{pics/BA_scream_4.png} \label{BA_exp_4}}  \\
    \subfigure[$I_1$] {\includegraphics[height=2in]{pics/BA_lighting_1.png} \label{BA_lgt_1}}
    \subfigure[$I_2$] {\includegraphics[height=2in]{pics/BA_lighting_2.png} \label{BA_lgt_2}}
    \subfigure[$w$] {\includegraphics[height=2in]{pics/BA_lighting_3.png} \label{BA_lgt_3}}
    \subfigure[$I_2^w$] {\includegraphics[height=2in]{pics/BA_lighting_4.png} \label{BA_lgt_4}}


%-- Column 2 ---------------------------------------------------

        \begin{block}{Section 2}

        \begin{figure}[t]  %hp
        \subfigure[] {\includegraphics[height=2in]{pics/face51.png} }
        \subfigure[] {\includegraphics[height=2in]{pics/face51_expressions.png} }
        \subfigure[] {\includegraphics[height=2in]{pics/face51_lightings.png} }




Ideally I want each figure to reset the subfigure captions starting from (a) alternately removing the letters while keeping the caption would be OK.


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You are using the now obsolete package subfigure; you should use subcaption instead.

The reason why the numbering for the subfigures does not reset is because you are not using a caption for the figures (and the subfigure counter resets every time the figure counter is incremented, which wont happen without a caption). A quick fix would be to add


just before each new group of figures to manually restart the counter (or to add in the preamble


to suppress the numbering for the subfigures, as you also propose in your question).

An automatic solution can be obtained by using a \caption for the figures; if you want to suppress the name Figure and the label separator : that the use of \caption causes, then one possibility is to use in the preamble


and to write \caption{} inside each figure environment.

  • @carlosdc: I discovered the real reason for the problem. I updated my answer, providing one possible correct and automatic solution. Jun 15, 2011 at 23:23

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