I want to write some greek text in a section title, but not entirely. I use

\subsection[Sud. s.v.]{\selectlanguage{italian} Sud. s.v.\foreignlanguage{greek}{Ἰσαῖος}}

and it works. The problem is, in my table of contents the greek word does not appear.

How could I fix it?

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    Welcome to TeX.SX! When you specify an optional argument to \subsection, that text will be used for the table of contents. A \selectlanguage command should never go in a title anyway. Can you make a small compilable example? – egreg Oct 23 '14 at 12:42

When you do

\subsection[short text]{long text}

the table of contents will contain “short text”, so the behavior you report is expected.

Here is an example. Note that \selectlanguage should never be used in a section title (and is very rarely needed anyway, for that matter).







\subsection{Sud. s.v. \foreignlanguage{greek}{Ἰσαῖος}}


enter image description here

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