usually I can fix all problems myself concerning...like...everything, but this really is a hard one, so... sry to bother you.


Creating a beamer presentation (with university corp. design) that includes a mp4 file. I'm working on 3 different windows7-64bit machines with Miktex 2.9 installed (some 64bit, some 32bit). In order to include the clip, the media9 package is employed.

Now the funny thing: It works on my home system without any problems, but on my laptop as well as on my office PC I get the warning

**WARNING** Could not find any valid object

and the video is included but distorted and you can still see the "play" dummy in the background --> see picture

No usable results from google. Log file tells some errors like

Missing character: There is no XXX in font nullfont!

where XXX is a single line a character from


I think the problem is there somewhere.

I already tried:

  • minimal example using default beamer class
  • re-installing Miktex in 32/64 bit
  • switching to pdflatex
  • updating Miktex repos and files

No notable changes.

Any ideas? :)


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  • Please state the versions of media9 and Acrobat being used. Also what is the flash SWF player that you are using? – alfC Oct 25 '14 at 0:40

This should be a comment but, don't have enough reputation (yet). I've met this problem and could solve it upgrading Miktex2.9 from http://miktex.org/download, but only get to work in Windosws 7 (64bit) with Miktex2.9 also 64 bit version. Office machine is Windows 7 32 bit, and updating Miktex doesn't solve the problem.

This is an example:

\includemedia[addresource=random.mp4,activate=pageopen,flashvars=          {source=random.mp4}]{\includegraphics[width=1.0\textwidth]

Works on Win7-64bit and Miktex2.9 64bit (v.2.9.5105) and it doesn't work in Win7-32bit with Miktex2.9 32bit (v.2.9.5105)

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