How do I include something from an unnumbered page in table of contents?

Also: How can I add something with a page number to the table of contents without the page number being displayed?

  • Your question isn't really so clear on the layout you want. Normally omitting the number in (say) a chapter title page is just considered a feature of the design: the page still has a number, it is just not shown on the page, and tables of contents can (and do) use that number. Oct 23, 2014 at 18:28

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There are two commands to explicitly insert material in the table of contents:




where ext is the table of contents type (e.g., toc, lof) and type indicates how the text is going to be formatted (you can create new types by defining new \l@type commands).

\addcontentsline adds the page number, while \addtocontents adds text to ext.

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