I use


and I want to add my current address to the paper while keeping the old address where the work was finished.

Hence, I wrote:

\address{University A, Department of Mathematics} \email{name@A.math.edu}

\address{University B, Department of Mathematics} \email{name@B.math.edu}

How to add a text current address in between to show the second address is my current address?

Thank you in advance!!


amsart provides the command \curraddr for precisely the purpose of identifying an author's current address.

Like other addresses, it will be placed at the end of the article in this order

  • address from which the article was submitted
  • current address, introduced by {\itshape Current address}:
  • email address, introduced by {\itshape E-mail address}:
  • url, introduced by {\itshape URL}:
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