I have written some source code using listings package but is stretching out of the page. This package leaves huge spaces between the words, so is there a way to make them smaller? At least like the spaces in normal text?

Also I tried to use emph and emphstyle and it only identifies single words. I wrote for each and it doesn't recognize it. What should I do to recognize multiple words?











%Math fonts





    if, for each, loop do,
    then return, function


\begin{lstlisting}[title={Breadth-First Search}]
function BREADTH-FIRST-SEARCH(Problem) return A solution or failure

Node= Root

if Problem.GOAL-TEST(Node.STATE) then return SOLUTION(Node)

Frontier= Node

Explored= Empty

loop do

    if EMPTY(Frontier) then return failure

    Node= POP(Frontier)

    add Node.STATE to Explored

    for each Action in Problem.ACTIONS(Node.STATE) do

        Child= CHILD-NODE(Problem,Node,Action)

        if Child.STATE is not in Explored or Frontier then

            if Problem.GOAL-TEST(Child.STATE) then return SOLUTION(Child)
            Frontier=INSERT(Child, Frontier)


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    Add also columns=flexible to \lstset. – egreg Oct 28 '14 at 8:21