I am trying to correct a spacing issue in mathspec. I wish to add an extra space after the letter f in math mode, but only if it is not followed by a subscript. I don't want to do this manually every time, so I have tried this code:

\newcommand{\mathf}{\@ifnextchar_{\f}{\f \,}}
    \lowercase{\gdef~{\ifnum\the\mathgroup=\m@ne \mathf \else \f \fi}}

But it doesn't work. It adds the space regardless! How could I fix this?

  • the token after \mathf is always \else so never _` (you are missing some \expandafter – David Carlisle Nov 2 '14 at 18:51

When \ifnum is evaluated, \else is not removed, so \mathf sees it and it never scans further for a next _. You should have \expandafter\mathf instead, so the \else is removed up to the matching \fi before \mathf is expanded.

However, I suggest you some better code:

\setmainfont{Hoefler Text}
\setmathfont(Digits,Latin)[Numbers=Lining]{Hoefler Text}
\setmathrm[Numbers=Lining]{Hoefler Text}

  \edef\SAVEfCODE{\the\Umathcodenum`f } % just for the test
  \mathcode`f=\string"8000 }



%% Just to show the difference


The parts with \SAVEfcode are just for showing the difference.

enter image description here

Note: in \ifnum\the\mathgroup, \the is redundant, because \mathgroup is a number. I used \Umath... because its safer in the context of mathspec.

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  • Then how to add space to the both side of f? – M. Logic Aug 27 at 4:09
  • @Mogic Add \, or \mkern2mu (experiment with the value) before \math@f – egreg Aug 27 at 9:10

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