I move code from Miktex into Texlive. But I get errors:

Run in Xelatex

! Undefined control sequence.
\chaptername ->第\CJKnumber 
                             {\thechapter }章
l.33 \chapter{绪论}


My minimal work is:

% !Mode:: "TeX:UTF-8"


\setromanfont{Times New Roman}






As far as I understand from the package code, the option CJKnumber has been deprecated and indeed you find

* xeCJK warning: "option-deprecated"
* The `CJKnumber' option is deprecated.
* You may load the package `CJKnumb' after xeCJK to use its function.

in the log file. Solution:


Avoid loading xunicode and xltxtra. Instructions that say to do so are outdated.

  • Thanks, it works. :-D BTW, how can you know it is outdated?(xunicode and xltxtra) I'm very curious. I can learn a lot from you, I think. – ytyyutianyun Nov 4 '14 at 10:10
  • 1
    @ytyyutianyun Well, loading xunicode has been deprecated for some years (three, IIRC). The xltxtra package used to be a convenient way for not remembering to load both fontspec and xunicode in the right order, but it's not needed any more as fontspec does load xunicode at the proper time. – egreg Nov 4 '14 at 11:23

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