I am using natbib for citation and am encountering some problems with wrapfigures (or wraptables) which sit next to paragraphs starting with natbibs \citet or \citep (and probably other citation commands).


 year = {2006},
 title = {{ABC}},
 editor = {Parker, Peter}





\citet{ABC} %uncomment and everything's fine




As soon as the paragraph does not start with \cite... everythin works as expected but in this case the paragraph starting with \cite will not wrap around the figure - the following pars then unnecessarily do wrap around nothing.


The definition of \citet could be more robust, it starts a group too early.

It works if you use


so it doesn't formally start the paragraph.

Alternatively you can redefine \citet in your preamble after loading natbib

            \expandafter\noexpand\csname citet \endcsname}

Then the \mbox{} is not needed.

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