I'm typesetting a book with memoir class and in this book the parts have to be centred in the table of contents (TOC). Thanks to Center parts in toc with tocloft I got this working as long as the part name isn't longer than one line. But if it is longer, the second line is not centred. Here is a working example:



\renewcommand{\partnumberline}[1]{\hfil\hspace\@tocrmarg Teil #1:~}

\part{It works with one liners}
\part{But it does not work with those: That is only a test nothing more, please do not read it}
\Blindtext \Blindtext \Blindtext

enter image description here

What could I do to get all lines centred?


The easiest solution might be to not use the memoir interface at all!

Instead go straight to the source and recode it. Here I have removed all the code that normally makes space for the page number and the left indentation etc.

\renewcommand{\partnumberline}[1]{Teil #1:~}
  \ifnum \c@tocdepth >-2\relax
        \cftpartfont #1
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