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I have a problem with the combination LuaTeX + package microtype + option bindingoffset from the geometry package when typesetting the following example:


\usepackage[showframe, inner=25mm, outer=25mm, bindingoffset=12mm]{geometry}
%\usepackage[showframe, inner=37mm, outer=37mm, bindingoffset=0mm]{geometry}



Functions. According to 1, the free rotator's points are selected in two anyhow 
selected \emph{resulting} point 4 and any \emph{not-resultant} sept 2 which 
belongs to the rest of the system.


The first line does not break correctly, so a part of the text is written outside the main text frame. This problem only occurs if bindingoffset is set AND microtype is used. It also only occurs with LuaTeX, pdfTeX compiles it correctly. Here are the results of the tests I made:

TeX       bindingoffset  microtype   result
pdfTeX     0mm           yes         ok
pdfTeX    12mm           yes         ok
LuaTeX     0mm           yes         ok
LuaTeX    12mm           yes         WRONG!
pdfTeX     0mm           no          ok
pdfTeX    12mm           no          ok
LuaTeX     0mm           no          ok
LuaTeX    12mm           no          ok

I used the following software:

  • pdfTeX 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.15 (TeX Live 2014)
  • LuaTeX beta-0.79.1 (TeX Live 2014) (rev 4971)
  • package geometry: version: 5.6 (revision: 19716)
  • package microtype: version: 2.5a (revision: 30755)

Is this a bug in geometry, microtype or LuaTeX?

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  • This is the same luatex bug as in here (solutions here). According to the luatex tracker this has been fixed in the experimental version. – Robert Nov 6 '14 at 19:09