I try to typeset bar over/under integral symbol with


But the line looks too long, any solution?

  • these are in unicode: U+2A1B and U+2A1C respectively. as such, they should be in the stix or xits fonts, or other fonts supporting unicode. – barbara beeton Nov 8 '14 at 15:48

This should do (not in script styles)


    \rlap{\hbox to\wd\z@{%
      \vrule width .35em height \dimexpr\ht\z@+1.4pt\relax depth -\dimexpr\ht\z@+1pt\relax
      \kern.05em % a small correction on the top
    \rlap{\hbox to\wd\z@{%
      \vrule width .35em height -\dimexpr\dp\z@+1pt\relax depth \dimexpr\dp\z@+1.4pt\relax

\tint_a^b f(t)\,dt=\bint_a^b f(t)\,dt
\tint_a^b f(t)\,dt=\bint_a^b f(t)\,dt

enter image description here


How about this?


enter image description here

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