I'm using columnsets with floating columnsetspans, and I would like to enforce a small amount of vertical space below a columnsetspan and the following text, outside the frame.

Here are some example style definitions:

% Define columns.
\definecolumnset[standard][n=2, balance=yes]

% The shaded box with outline.
    draw OverlayBox enlarged (0, -1mm) withcolor black withpen pensquare;
    fill OverlayBox enlarged (0, -1mm) withcolor transparent(1,.1,blue) ;

% These column spans are shaded.
\definecolumnsetspan[wide][n=2, background=shadebox, indenting={small,yes,first}, offset=2mm]

\input tufte

\input zapf

I'd like a "wide" columnsetspan (when arranged vertically above other text) to have a few millimeters of spacing below it to set it apart from the following text, regardless of how the span is positioned on the page. All of the offset parameters seem to affect inner spacing, and after is within the frame.

How can I ensure that there's sufficient space below this columnsetspan?


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