I would like to install TeXLive as a portable installation on a USB drive and then use it on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian (a modified version of Debian). The SD card I am using for the Pi's "hard drive" is not big enough to hold a TeX installation, so I would like to use the USB.

The Raspberry Pi uses an ARM1176JZFS processor, as described on the project's website.

I know how to select the portable installation in install-tl on the command-line (on Debian GNU/Linux), but which binary should I install? (armel-linux?)

EDIT: Debian's notes on the Raspberry Pi suggest armel. I will try and update if it works.


The armel-linux binaries work on my Raspberry Pi. After mounting the drive I added the path to the arm binaries (under texlive/bin) to the search path in .profile and it worked fine.

Another option for Pi users, of course, would be just to install Debian's texlive packages via aptitude/apt on the Pi, but those packages are out of date and I wanted to save space on the disk.

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