The title of my question says it all. Is it possible to add a leader between the number and title of a chapter in the ToC with tocloft? I tried doing this: \renewcommand{\cftchapaftersnum}{\cftdotfill{\cftdotsep}} but it doesn't seem to work.

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    Normally, leaders are inserted -- it at all -- between the sectioning header and the associated page number. How wide is the gap, in your document's ToC, between the chapter number and title? Incidentally, did you try \ldots instead of \cftdotfill{\cftdotsep}? – Mico Nov 12 '14 at 7:45
  • Yeah I tried using \ldots, but it didn't give me the desired effect. I'm actually using \renewcommand{\cftdot}{---} with \renewcommand{\cftdotsep}{0} to make an unbroken straight line instead of dots. As of right now, the \cftchapnumwidth is 1.7cm, but I don't mind adjusting it. I just want space between the chapter number and chapter title, and add this line separator between the two. The problem with using a fixed character or set of characters is that there's chapters 1-30 lined up on one page. Some chapter numbers are two-digits so the distance between the number and title is off – Nickolas Peter O'Malley Nov 12 '14 at 7:54

I didn't troubleshoot thoroughly enough. Using \renewcommand{\cftchapaftersnum}{\cftdotfill{\cftdotsep}} actually works, but you need to increase \setlength{\cftchapnumwidth}{4cm}.

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