in my thesis I have an abstract, the toc and then the content. The content sections start again with 1. When I add a subsection at the content section, the toc of the PDF is destroyed and shows something like this:

----> Inhalt
      ----> Einleitung
            ----> title

instead of


This is the code I'm using:

\renewcommand{\contentsname}{II Inhaltsverzeichnis}
\addcontentsline{toc}{section}{II Inhaltsverzeichnis}
% next line messes all up
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    You shouldn't use an article class (here scrartcl) for a thesis! Use either a book or report one. – Martin Scharrer Jun 20 '11 at 12:43

You get also a warning:

pdfTeX warning (ext4): destination with the same
 identifier (name{section.1}) has been already used, duplicate ignored

Gives the section numbers of hyperref a unique representation by redefining also \theHsection when you change \thesection. E.g.


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