Newbie question here: I am having trouble understanding how apa6 manages citations. I know how to use biblatex and biber:

\usepackage[backend=biber, style=apa]{biblatex}

But when it comes to the apa6 package, you have the option to select biblatex in the declaration:


I also have seen the biblatex-apa and csquotes packages used in conjunction with the aforementioned ones, which increases my confusion.

So ¿are these packages redundant? ¿which one should I use? ¿what is the difference between them?


biblatex is the package used to style your bibliography. apa is an available style to change the visual apprearance of the bibliography (and the intext cites). You can get the documentation of the style by typing texdoc biblatex-apa into a terminal. csquotes on the other hand is a package to get control over quotations. It was developed by the same author as biblatex, hence both can work well together and loading both is recommended.

Now, apa6 is a class file to change the visual appearance of the whole document to match the APA guidelines. It supports the biblatex option and just sets a few options for biblatex, but the user is still responsible for loading biblatex with the corresponding option (style=apa).

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