I am trying to create a table. However, I am facing problems with rules and formatting. Please have a look at the latex code.





        Mean cure time in cells & \gmc{3}{c}{Cell frequency} \\\toprule\toprule
                        & Male     & Female  & Total     \\ \midrule
        Drugtakers         & 4 (80)       & 7 (20) & 4.6         \\ \midrule
        Non Drugtakers     & 3 (20)       & 6  (80)  & 5.4     \\ \midrule


enter image description here

  • I just +1 mico's answer as it explains tabularx use but there is never really any point to using tabularx if all the columns are X or p as you know in advance what the column widths need to be so you may as well just use tabular and p columns. tabularx really only makes sense if some of the columns are l r or c – David Carlisle Nov 13 '14 at 19:56

I think there are two issues in your code. First, if you want to have three columns of type s, defined via \newcolumntype{s}{>{\hsize=.5\hsize}X}, you should set the type of the first column not to X but to Z, where Z should be defined via \newcolumntype{Z}{>{\hsize=2.5\hsize}X}. Note that the sum of the \hsize fractions has to equal the number of columns of (possibly modified) X. (Incidentally, it might make sense to add a \centering instruction to the definition of the s column type.)

Second, since you're using the booktabs package and its macros to obtain well-spaced horizontal rules, you shouldn't use any vertical rules in the table.

enter image description here

\newcolumntype{s}{>{\hsize= .5\hsize}X}
     \begin{tabularx}{\textwidth}{Zsss} % Check: 2.5 + 3 * 0.5 = 4
     Mean cure time in cells & \multicolumn{3}{c}{Cell frequency}\\
                        & Male     & Female   & Total   \\
        Drugtakers      & 4 (80)   & 7 (20)   & 4.6     \\
        Non Drugtakers  & 3 (20)   & 6  (80)  & 5.4  \\

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