When I try to cite an @incollection with a DOI using revtex, I get some nonsense in the output: "emph "bibinfo-booktitle- appear spontaneously.

Here's a minimal example:

I have the following test.bib file:

  author={First Name},
  booktitle={The Great Book},
  journal={Important Journal},
  author={Second Name},

Now let's cite these:

Text \cite{cit,cit2}.

Compiled output:

Using natbib + doi works fine

Beautiful output, and clicking the blue links will send you to the DOI:

But what if we just use the revtex package (as is required for various journals)?

Text \cite{cit,cit2}.

We get this output:

Revtex gives space

Yucky! What is that emph bibinfo booktitle?

Here's the relevant line in the bbl file:

  in\ \Doi{10.1007/b95428}{\emph{\bibinfo {booktitle} {The Great Book}}}%

Why can't we parse this? But we can parse the journal entry, because it doesn't have the \emph tag. Any ideas?

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