I have a question about amsrefs that is in addition to the one that I already asked here and that was answered. I would like to know how to enter editors’ names using amsrefs.

Specifically, I would like to have the following format:

Name of article’s author, title of article, title of conference proceedings book in which the article appears, name of first editor and name of second editor (Eds.), name of publisher, address of publisher, year of publication, page numbers.

I know that using \BibSpec, I have some control over information fields:

  +{}  {\PrintAuthors}                {author}
  +{,} { \textit}                     {title}
  +{.} { }                            {part}
  +{:} { \textit}                     {subtitle}
  +{,} { \PrintContributions}         {contribution}
  +{,} { \PrintConference}            {conference}
  +{}  {\PrintBook}                   {book}
  +{,} { }                            {booktitle}
  +{,} { }                            {publisher}
  +{,} { \PrintDateB}                 {date}
  +{,} { pp.~}                        {pages}
  +{,} { }                            {status}
  +{,} { \PrintDOI}                   {doi}
  +{,} { available at \eprint}        {eprint}
  +{}  { \parenthesize}               {language}
  +{}  { \PrintTranslation}           {translation}
  +{;} { \PrintReprint}               {reprint}
  +{.} { }                            {note}
  +{.} {}                             {transition}
  +{}  {\SentenceSpace \PrintReviews} {review}

However, due to the lack of online references, I do not know how to use \BibSpec to display editors’ names as indicated above, especially how to include the phrase “(Eds.)” without making it appear twice if I have to enter the names of two editors.

Thank you very much for your help!


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the full technical documentation for amsrefs is now linked from this page. it is also present in a full tex live distribution, although to get at it, it's necessary to ask for texdoc -l amsrefs and select amsrefs.pdf, because the first choice for texdoc is usually the user documentation (amsrdoc.pdf in this case).

in the list of commands shown for the package, there are three for editors:

  • \PrintEditorsA -- prints the names followed by "(ed.)" or "(eds.)"
  • \PrintEditorsB -- puts parentheses around the entire list of editors
  • \PrintEditorsC -- precedes the editors' names by "Edited by"

\PrintEditorsA looks like the appropriate choice for this situation.

If the \BibSpec as shown in the question otherwise produces the desired output, then the appropriate place to insert the editors would be this:

+{,} { }                            {booktitle}
+{,} { \PrintEditorsA}              {editors}
+{,} { }                            {publisher}

(this is untested, so if something is slightly out of kilter, please feel free to correct it.)

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