I am using the IEEE transactions template in lyx and I noticed on the figures instead of saying "Fig.1" or "Fig. 2", the figures are labeled as "Figure 1." or "Figure 2."

I looked at the most recent publications from this journal and the correct method is Fig., not Figure as lyx is outputting.

I am wondering what could be wrong and what I should try. I already went to Document-->Settings-->Document class and double checked it is set to "IEEE Transactions" and Custom: journal.


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Another solution via @Werner:

Make sure that you also remove the use of babel in your preamble. That is, under Document > Settings... > Language, select None in terms of the language package to use:

See this answer for more information.


ieeetran.cls has


so should be using Fig. except in the IEEE comp soc conf setting. You can always add


to set it back.

  • I have this in my lyx preample, and it shows Figure 1. still % for subfigures/subtables \usepackage[caption=false,font=footnotesize]{subfig} %\renewcommand\figurename{Fig.} I also tried commenting out that first line, but that doesn't work either.
    – Veridian
    Nov 14, 2014 at 0:50

I had to add the following to the preample and it worked correctly:


I referenced this answer: Change caption name of figures

I tried following David Carlisle's suggestions of adding \renewcommand\figurename{Fig.} but that actually didn't work regardless of where I place it in the preamble. It also caused Lyx to show error messages when I tried compiling to a PDF.

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