I am using the beamer class to produce a presentation out of it. Now I want to assign multiple affiliations to one author. Until now, I tried something like this:


which works fine except that in this way your author will be shown as its name with a "," as a superscript. You see this for example in the footline.

What would be a proper way to do this?


Meanwhile I found a very straight forward approach by try and error. Multiple affiliations can just be included by using a comma inside of the \inst command. For my example, it would look like this:


Sometimes, the world can be very easy...


I think beameruserguide (Section 10.1: Adding a title Page, page 87) shows a good solution.


The short author name (which is in between [...]) will be shown in footline.


\title{This is a presentation}
\author[Me]{Author\inst{first institute}$^{,}$\inst{second institute}}



\begin{frame}{First frame}    


enter image description here

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