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I have a problem in citing references with \cite, I have only the year as a link. I want to display the author and year as a single link. I don't know where the problem is?!

   \usepackage[style=apa,backref=true,backend=biber,natbib=true,hyperref=true]    {biblatex} 

  author = {Sampson, R J and Groves, W B},
  year = {1989},
  title = {Community structure and crime: testing social-disorganization theory},
  volume = {94},
  number = {4},
  journal = {Am J Soc},
  pages = {774}
 author = {Rijsbergen, C V},
 year = {1979},
 title = {Information retrieval},
 address = {London},
 publisher = {Butter Worths}

   colorlinks   = true,
   citecolor    = blue,
   linkcolor = blue,
   \citealt{Sampson1989, Rijsbergen1979}\\
   \citet{Sampson1989, Rijsbergen1979}\\
   \citep{Sampson1989, Rijsbergen1979}\\

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    I checked this has nothing to see with the patching of apa. You should remove the patching code in order to have a minimal example. – Bernard Nov 16 '14 at 17:55
  • Any help please ? I need the solution to submit my paper. – Sam Faith Nov 18 '14 at 12:56
  • latex-community.org/forum/… – Johannes_B Nov 22 '14 at 10:58

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