I have a main document, /home/con/Documents/Thesis/thesis.tex, that loads a file /home/con/Documents/RNA/rna.tex with standalone. This works surprisingly well.

However, there are 2 problems: 1. rna.tex has a supporting information file and numerous labels throughout which are referenced like this:


this works fine when rna.tex is by itself. However, standalone package doesn't recognize externaldocument references in the thesis file, thesis.tex:

\externaldocument{/home/con/Documents/RNA/SI}%this line doesn't change anything
\input{/home/con/Documents/RNA/rna.tex}%external references contained here

How can I get standalone to work with xr package to recognize references in SI files?

  1. The page numbering restarts when rna.tex is referenced by the main document with the "\input{rna.tex}".

How can I make the page numbering stay the same as the main document? I've already used \pagestyle{empty} and \thispagestyle{empty} but they don't work with standalone.

The standalone documentation doesn't even reference \externaldocument :(

thanks so much, -DEC

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