I have been provided with ERT (Evil Red Text) command which when used for float tables, displays the caption of the table as Table 1.1 in List of Tables. I want to know how I can use such command for longtables. For example, I want to

  1. Create a float table;

  2. Add ERT command \isucaption{blah blah....};

  3. View the table in List of Tables.

Result the table entry in List of Tables (LoT) is shown as Table 1.1 blah blah

But if I don't use an ERT command then table entry in LoT is 1.1 blah blah. That is, the word Table is missing.

I want to use this command for long tables that are not floats so that the entries in lot for such tables will also contain Table word, But I am not sure where I can add ERT for longtables?


longtable was written in a way to emulate a regular table environment, just without the floating capability, but supplementing that loss with the (great) ability to break across the page. So you don't have to do anything special for a longtable's \caption to end up in the List of Tables (LoT). That leaves only the insertion of Table in front of the LoT entries. For this, I used Adding word 'Table' before each entry in list of tables as reference.

In your Document > Settings... > LaTeX Preamble, add



Note that mixing regular floating table environments with some longtables might cause problems with the ordering of LoT content. With enough content between a table and a longtable might solve such problems, but this depends heavily on your document structure.

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