I have to hand in a postscript version of my paper for a conference, so I have to use latex instead of pdflatex.

As I may later need a different version, I would like to write the paper in such a way that switching between the formats is easy.

What is the best way to do this, considering that one program needs png/pdf graphic files, while the other only allows eps?

Edit adressing comment: Until now, I only have figures in png and pdf. I am aware of manual conversion tools between the graphic formats. However, I don't know of a way to do an automatic conversion of all used graphics within a tex file. Thus, converting the whole paper is very labour-intensive as of now.

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    Do you have (or can you generate) graphics in both formats? – Joseph Wright Nov 21 '14 at 14:15
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    As @JosephWright writes, if you just have .eps and .png or .pdf versions of the gfx files, then just use \includegraphics{file} instead of \includegraphics{file.pdf} and pdflatex will choose the version it supports while latex chooses the .eps. – daleif Nov 21 '14 at 14:20
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    In addition to what @daleif says, if you have EPS versions of everything then a modern TeX system will auto-convert to PDF as required. So what I'm trying to get at is can you arrange to have that full set of EPS graphics? – Joseph Wright Nov 21 '14 at 14:21
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    As for the comment: that is just the way it is. I personally do not trust the automatic conversions from within LaTeX as it may end up hiding warnings from the conversion tool. – daleif Nov 21 '14 at 14:21
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    I would not say so. I would keep it in .pdf and .png and when the time comes, make .eps versions even if it is tedious work. BTW: Do you need to hand in the sources or just a PS version? Because then it might be as easy as just converting the PDF to PS at the end. – daleif Nov 21 '14 at 14:36

If the only requirement is that you provide a .ps version of your document. just convert the .pdf to .ps at the very end. (if odd in these PDF times).

As for a general method of being able to use latex and pdflatex on a single source

  1. have .eps and (.pdf or .png or .jpg) versions of each gfx
  2. indclude without extention, i.e. file, not file.ext. [1]

[1] If your gfx names contain spaces or multiple ., remember the grffile package.

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