Using amsmath, writing $\ell$ produces a cursive lowercase letter l. I would like to have a reasonably matching cursive lowercase letter k, available through \kay e.g., so that I can write things like $\kay,\ell \in S$.

Is this possible?

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    \ell is not cursive. It has a loop to help diferentiate over other letters or symbols in math that may cause confusion. What you need is look for a font (probably script font) that has lowercase letters.
    – Manuel
    Nov 21 '14 at 22:42
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    – egreg
    Nov 21 '14 at 23:49

Run with xelatex

\setmathfont{STIX Math}
 $\ell$ and $\kay$ and $\mscrl$

enter image description here


If you are happy to use the Stix fonts, you could try this:

A script k in maths $\mathscr k$

Otherwise you need to find a maths font that implements the Unicode character: 𝓀 or "MATHEMATICAL SCRIPT SMALL K" which is Unicode code point U+1D4C0, and compile with xelatex or lualatex.

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