I often use delimitmate plugin for autoclose. It works well in other file types except tex file.

In other file type such txt, when I typeset (, I will get () with the cursor between the parenthesis. However, in the tex file, nothing happens.

I have found someone having the same problem: https://github.com/Raimondi/delimitMate/issues/48. It turns out that delimitmate conflicts with vim-latex suit.

Is there any other plugin for autoclose working fine with vim-latex?

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I had the same problem and asked this exact same question on here a couple of weeks ago. There were no answers and so I finally deleted my question.

Here is what I did as a workaround.

I also installed the vim plugin auto-close. This resolved my problem as far as automatically closing parenthesis, square braces etc were concerned. But then some of the ctrl-j functionality of vim-latex-suite gets disabled after that. But I can live with it. I actually find the place holder markers annoying. The only reason I use vim-latex-suite is to use ,ll and ,lv and forward searching and inverse searching capabilities.

This is perhaps not a complete solution to your problem, but it certainly worked for me. I also use the package snipmate in writing my .tex documents in latex. So there really is no need for all the fancy placeholder stuff that you get in vim-latex-suite. Hope that helps. Btw, my leader key is set to ,

I hope this helps.

  • Thanks very much. ctrl-j is useful for environment, but annoying sometimes. I have to do that trade-off. I think that giving up autoclose maybe OK. Besides, I use vim-latex-suite for another reason that I can use it on win7 with gvim.
    – Yulong Ao
    Commented Nov 23, 2014 at 7:50

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