I am type setting a book with the memoir class and have to follow the rules that are given by the publishing house. For that rules I have to define the exact font sizes: The font size of the footnotes should be 8.5pt with and line space 10.5pt, so I tried:


But I get some strange results: The font size seems to be much bigger than 8.5pt. When I try


The font occurs smaller although \small means 9pt according the the memoir manual. What am I doing wrong?



  \hrule \@width 2in \kern 7.6\p@} % the \hrule is .4pt high


\footmarkstyle{\hfill\textsuperscript{#1} }


\chapter{Test, nothing else}
\section{Don't wast you time reading this!}
\Blindtext \Blindtext \Blindtext

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You need to activate the new font size with \selectfont like this \renewcommand{\footnotesize}{\fontsize{8.5pt}{10.5pt}\selectfont}

enter image description here

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