When using biblatex's textcite command with a two-authored reference I want the "and" between them to be in italics. I managed to get the same for the "et al." \bibstring using the following code snippet, based on the xpatch package (and thanks to this great answer):


However, just replacing name:andothers with name:and or and does not achieve that, as can be seen from the following MWE:

    author = {Uthor, A. and Uthor, B.},
    title = {And and Or or Or and And},
    year = {2014}}

%%%% This does not work %%%%
%%%% %%%% %%%%
This is how it looks like: \textcite{test} but the "and" should be italic, as in "Uthor \emph{and} Uthor"

Unfortunately I could not find, where in the biblatex sources the and \bibstring is defined.


There is only a name:andothers defined. However, this may help:




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