I want to make my paper repository a little more readable, so I like to break sections out into separate .tex documents. However, this does not seem to play nice with the IEEE format. How can I get my intro (and subsequent sections) in a separate document and not have a page break before it?

MWE (sorry, just building off their example... super long):

in bare_jrnl.tex:


\title{Bare Demo of IEEEtran.cls for Journals}

        and~Jane~Doe,~\IEEEmembership{Life~Fellow,~IEEE}% <-this % stops a space
\thanks{M. Shell is with the Department
of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta,
GA, 30332 USA e-mail: (see http://www.michaelshell.org/contact.html).}% <-this % stops a space
\thanks{J. Doe and J. Doe are with Anonymous University.}% <-this % stops a space
\thanks{Manuscript received April 19, 2005; revised September 17, 2014.}}


The abstract goes here.

IEEEtran, journal, \LaTeX, paper, template.



The conclusion goes here.

% use section* for acknowledgment

The authors would like to thank...


H.~Kopka and P.~W. Daly, \emph{A Guide to \LaTeX}, 3rd~ed.\hskip 1em plus
  0.5em minus 0.4em\relax Harlow, England: Addison-Wesley, 1999.


\begin{IEEEbiography}{Michael Shell}
Biography text here.

in intro.tex:

\IEEEPARstart{T}{his} demo file is intended to serve as a ``starter file''
for IEEE journal papers produced under \LaTeX\ using
IEEEtran.cls version 1.8a and later.
I wish you the best of success.

\hfill mds

\hfill September 17, 2014

\subsection{Subsection Heading Here}
Subsection text here.

\subsubsection{Subsubsection Heading Here}
Subsubsection text here.

Use \input instead of \include. For more, see this question .

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