I'm using landscape to rotate title pages. The problem is that title page is not limited and may require more than one page. And there are different colon-titles in first and others pages. I want the foot and head colon-titles to be rotated when I'm using landscape mode. How can I do it? Thank you in advance!


Instead of using a landscape package, one could lay out the page using tikzpagenodes and only rotate the text. For example:

title page


\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]
  (current page text area.west) +(-\headsep,0pt) node[above,rotate=90,inner sep=0pt] {header}
  (current page text area.east) +(\footskip,0pt) node[above,rotate=90,inner sep=0pt] {\thepage}
  (current page text area.center) node[rotate=90,inner sep=0pt]
    \Huge A Gigantic, Humongous, Very Large and Really Over-hyped Title!!!

A normal page.

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