I would like to add a .cls and a .bst file to texlive that will then be found by LyX.

Is there a preferred way to do this?

I would prefer a solution that will last a while / won't have to be fixed every time I change something about my OS.


You need to add the .cls to some folder that your tex distribution can find, for compiling. You can for example make a folder in your home directory and register it with tex. Then you can easily keep your folder of tex goodies when you wipe your machine. See this Q & A for details.

Secondly, you need to make LyX aware of the package you added. See this Q & A. I don't know what the path in Step 3 is on Fedora, but on Ubuntu, I have my LyX layout files in ~/.lyx/layouts/.

For the .bst file, see this LyX Wiki entry under Creating your own style file with custom-bib.

I hope the guides are specific enough, and I apologize for not typing in all the content here. Please comment if you have problems.

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