I have a table like this

    Cap & The underlying is a an interest rate cap\\
    Floor & The underlying is an interest rate floor\\
    Swap & The underlying is a vanilla swap\\

and several others that have many more rows. So I can allow the tables to spill over pages, I have \usepackage{ltablex} in my preamble.

But doing this causes the tables to be centred on the page which is not typographically pleasing.

How can I have (i) long tables with (ii) the same formatting as their shorter cousins?

  • Please always post an example document that shows the problem. If you are using ltablex then you are presumably again specifying the table is \linewidth wide and X column, so centering (or any other alignment) has no effect, the table is full width. (tables set with lX are almost always better set as a list) Commented Nov 27, 2014 at 15:26

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The ltablex package messes about with the table column specifications.

You can switch this off by using the command \keepXColumns. Put this after \usepackage{ltablex} in the preamble.

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