I want to draw a picture like below.
enter image description here
But I don't know where I should start with. Any help will be appreciated.

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    No offense but why would you draw this? What do the dotted lines represent? why broken arrows? Why colors? I'm sure you can better represent this information in a more concise manner. – percusse Nov 28 '14 at 3:10
  • @percusse I'm just asking this question for other person. The picture I received is exactly this one, which contains dotted lines, broken arrows, and red equation on the bottom-right. – Old Panda Nov 28 '14 at 3:14
  • Can you give us some code that you have tried? What, specifically are you having trouble with? – darthbith Nov 28 '14 at 3:28
  • @darthbith I don't have code. Actually, I don't know where to get start. – Old Panda Nov 28 '14 at 3:31
  • @OldPanda Do you have a \documentclass and a preamble? Every little bit helps... look at a tutorial for TikZ to get started – darthbith Nov 28 '14 at 3:35

This is a starting point. zz arrow style is defined in zz whose zigzag form is borrowed from decoration. positioning are used for node allocations where the syntax below = <distance> of reference point are used. calc is used to do coordinate calculation as displayed in ($(...)+(...)$).

enter image description here


line join=round,
decorate, decoration={
    segment length=4,
    post length=4pt}
\node (top) at (0,0) {$\mathbf{v}_{\text{init}},\epsilon$};
\node[below= 1cm of top](mid)    {$\mathbf{v},\sigma$};
\node[below= 1cm of mid](bottom) {$\mathbf{v}',\sigma'$};
\node[below=3cm of top](bb){};
\draw[zz] (top) -- (mid);
\draw[zz] (mid) -- node[midway,red,left]{$(\mathbf{u},\rho)$} (bottom);
\draw [red,thick]($(bb)+(-0.5cm,0)$)-- ($(bb)+(0.5cm,0)$) node[text width=5cm,right]()
{if $
\mathbf{v} \le \mathbf{v}'\\
\sigma \le_{\text{prefix}} \rho\,\, \text{for all}\, (\mathbf{u},\rho)
\draw[dashed] (top) -- ++(-3,-3);
\draw[dashed] (top) -- ++(3,-3);


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