I'd like to cite the man page for the iostat command. I found the @manual entry. Is this the accepted way of citing Linux man pages?

I've populated the fields below based on what the man page says on my system.

 title      = "iostat(1) Linux User's Manual",
 %author        = "",
 %organization  = "",
 %address   = "",
 %edition   = "",
 year       = "2013",
 month      = "July",
 %note      = "",
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    Hi and welcome, manual seems to be ok, misc would be ok as well, i think. If you have to cite multiple man pages, consiider switching to biblatex and creat a new entry type. – Johannes_B Nov 30 '14 at 15:27

As @Johannes_B said:

manual seems to be ok

You already chose all the optional fields from the BibTeX-guide, which is great.

If it is in the manpage, the edition field might be abused to point to the edition of the software treated (this is uniquely identifying). For example


for the current bash manpage. This differs a bit from the manual, which states that

edition The edition of a book—for example, “Second”. This should be an ordinal, and should have the first letter capitalized, as shown here; the standard styles convert to lower case when necessary.

, but it also says

feel free to be creative in how you use these entry types

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