My frame is too big for the limits margins, How do I add more space. to have all my content complete in my presentation. This is the code






\title[Modelamiento de Bandas de energia]{Modelamiento de Bandas de Energia 3D, aproximando la ecuacion de Schrödinger por el metodo de diferencias finitas, para redes SC,FCC,BCC.}  
\author[Elisabeth R. Parra, Carlos Fernando O. Trujillo, Juan Pablo M. Diaz ]{ Director: Elisabeth Restrepo Parra.\\Estudiantes: Carlos Fernando Ospina Trujillo\\ Juan Pablo Muñoz Diaz\\
\vspace{1cm}Universidad Nacional de Colombia\\ Sede Manizales}


\frame{\frametitle{Tabla de Contenido}\tableofcontents} 


                                    \subsection{Importancia Del Estudio De Las Bandas De Energia}

\frame{\frametitle{Importancia del estudio de las Bandas de Energia} 


\frame{\frametitle{Por ejemplo: Prop. Electricas} 


                                \section{Marco Teórico}

                                    \subsection{Ecuación De Schrödinger}

\frame{\frametitle{Ecuacion de Schrodinger}

    \frac{-\hbar^2}{2m}\bigg( \frac{\partial^2}{\partial x^2}+\frac{\partial^2}{\partial y^2}+\frac{\partial^2}             {\partial z^2}\bigg)\psi(x,y,z)+V(x,y,z)\psi(x,y,z) = E\psi(x,y,z)\label{ecu-gen}

    Donde $\hbar$ es la constante de planck, $m$ es la masa del electrón, $V$ es el Potencial aplicado sobre la red cristalina, $E$ es la energia total del electron.\par\medskip   
Por teorema de Block la solucion de esta ecuación es de la forma.

    \[\psi (x,y,z)=e^{i\bf{k \cdot r}}u_{\bf{k}}(x,y,z)
Donde $r$ es la posicion en la red, $\psi$ es la funcion de onda, $u$ es una funcion periodica con la misma periodicidad del cristal, $\bf{k}$ es llamado el ''Vector Onda del Cristal', $e$ es el numero de Euler e $i$es la unidad imaginaria.\par\medskip

En otras palabras es la multiplicacion de una onda plana por una funcion periodica.     

                                    \subsection{Metodos para obtener Bandas de Energia} 
\frame{\frametitle{Metodos para obtener Bandas de energia}

\item DFT
\item Aproximación del electron libre.
\item Tigh bring(Buscar nombre).
\item Solucion Numerica por Diferencias Finitas.


                                    \subsection{Metodo De Diferencias Finitas}

\frame{\frametitle{Ecuaciones algebraicas}


\frame{\frametitle{Tipos de aproximaciones}


\frame[shrink]{\frametitle{Implementación del Metodo de diferencias en redes cristlinas}

  \tikz[remember picture]\node[inner sep=0pt] (imagen11)   
  \caption{Red.Replicación de celdas Unitarias}
  \tikz[remember picture]\node[inner sep=0pt] (imagen12)
  \caption{Celda Unitaria SC-2D}
  \tikz[remember picture]\node[inner sep=0pt] (imagen21)
  \caption{Vecindade en el eje x para aproximar el metodo}
  \tikz[remember picture]\node[inner sep=0pt] (imagen22)
  \caption{Division de la Celda Unidad}

  remember picture,overlay,
  shorten >= 10pt,
  shorten <= 10pt,
  (imagen11) -- (imagen12);
\draw[->,shorten <= 30pt]
  (imagen12) -- (imagen22);
  (imagen22) -- (imagen21);
\item Here are the expresion of neighbors of $U_{a}$
\item We have here the the function $\psi$
\item We have here the the function $\psi$
\item We have here the the function $\psi$
\item We have here the the function $\psi$
\item We have here the the function $\psi$
\item We have here the the function $\psi$
\item We have here the the function $\psi$




                                    \subsection{Bandas de Energia}

\frame{\frametitle{Grafica de Bandas}


                                    \subsection{Error y convergencia}

\frame{\frametitle{Error y Convergencia}



\frame{\frametitle{Implementacion de un Potencial no nulo}

                                \section{Futuros Articulos}     

\frame{\frametitle{Futuros Ariticulos}



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    I think you have to ask the question backwards I have too much content for the frame, how can I reduce it?
    – percusse
    Commented Dec 1, 2014 at 14:17
  • You may add the optional [shrink] option to yours \frame commands. Commented Dec 1, 2014 at 14:20
  • @percusse I have the same problem with the width margins, and here recommended me aspectratio=169, so i suppose both election are well doned, adding space to the margins and reducing content.
    – JuanMuñoz
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  • @PaulGaborit How do I add that espace.
    – JuanMuñoz
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  • @JuanMuñoz Instead of \frame{\frametitle{...., you may use \frame[shrink]{\frametitle{...... Commented Dec 1, 2014 at 14:25

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Not an answer but a comment with images:

I'm not sure to understand the problem. If I replace your images (which I don't know where to find them neither their size) with example-images from mwe package I obtain two slides with everything inside. So, what's what doesn't fit? where?

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • You are right @Ignasi I have made the correponding correction to the code, Now have appeared the contend outside the margins. Im able to receive your help.
    – JuanMuñoz
    Commented Dec 1, 2014 at 15:15
  • 1
    @JuanMuñoz: Some suggestions: First, please read Guidelines for Creating Presentations (chapter 5 from beamerusedguide). Second, change beamertheme and select someone which doesn't take so much space with sections on top of frames. Third don't try to write so many things in each slide (which it's related with first suggestion). Who has to read them? If it's a presentation you will explain everything and people will listen you. If listeners have to read what's on every slide, they become readers and don't need a presenter (you)
    – Ignasi
    Commented Dec 1, 2014 at 15:34

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