I have a problem regarding code in latex. The problem is that the length of the arrows are different depending on the length of the labeling of the maps. e.g. the map {f_{x_0}} has an arrow which is longer than the map {g_*}. Is there a way to fix this? And is there a way to make the arrow a little longer, they are very short.

\pi_1(X,x_0) \xrightarrow{f_{x_0}}  \pi_1(Y,y_0) \xrightarrow{g_*} \pi_1(X,x_1) \xrightarrow{f_{x_1}} \pi_1(Y,y_1)
  • Please always show a complete document or at least mention the packages you are using. This was tagged tex-core but \xrightarrow is not defined by TeX or even latex by default. – David Carlisle Dec 2 '14 at 15:34

enter image description here



\pi_1(X,x_0) \xrightarrow{\mathmakebox[1.5cm]{f_{x_0}}}
\pi_1(Y,y_0) \xrightarrow{\mathmakebox[1.5cm]{g_*}}
\pi_1(X,x_1) \xrightarrow{\mathmakebox[1.5cm]{f_{x_1}}} 


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