I am using movie15 package to embed a mpeg video in my beamer presentation.

My viewer is qpdfpresenterconsole (https://launchpad.net/~lissyx/+archive/ubuntu/qpdfpresenterconsole-ppa). It enables viewing embedded videos under Linux Ubuntu (which is not the case of evince…).

The problem is that the output pdf (compiled with PdfLaTeX) contains a "blank icon" representing the file attached.

I found no way to remove this picture, even if I try to use poster option or even an image as text option.


Maybe I use a wrong combination of options but whatever option I use, the output looks always the same (we can see the image in the background): Pdf output with the image on the background

Have you ever faced the same problem ? Any suggestions to get rid of this annoying icon ?


Command option attach=false might help.

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