I'm trying to get syntaxhighlighting comparable to this: Sample highlighting

(with $-prefixed variables as well) But I'm having issues with the %-prefixed identifiers. I tried doing it with

moredelim=*[s][\color{variableColor}]{\%}{\ }

Which has the obvious issue that it doesn't stop highlighting it if you seperate keywords with a dot. I also tried the solution proposed bu Jubobs here but I could not make it work with the % or $ marks.

This is my current code:

\lstnewenvironment{TorqueScript}{\lstset{ style=TS }}{}


    keywords=[0]{if, else, },
    keywords=[1]{StaticShapeData, ParticleEmitterData, ParticleEmitterNodeData, ParticleData, ParticleEmitterNode,ClientGroup, SimGroup, SimObject,
        GuiControl, GuiBitmapBorderControl, GuiBitmapControl, GuiControlProfile, GuiTextListCtrl, GuiScrollCtrl, GuiTextCtrl, GuiPanel, PlayerData, Material, StaticShapeData,}
    keywords=[4]{delete, messageboxok, exec, echo, getcount, commandtoclient, commandtoserver, schedule, getObject, addObject, bind, getRowNumById, addRow, sortNumerical, clearSelection, setRowById, removeRowById, getWord, setWord, getWordCount, getField, setField, StripMLControlChars}, 
    keywords=[5]{function, datablock, singleton, new},
    % Variables
    moredelim=*[s][\color{variableColor}]{\%}{\ },
    moredelim=*[s][\color{globalColor}]{\$}{\ },

    % Actual keywords
    % Datablocks
    % Concatenators
    % this
    % functions
    % Actual keywords
    keywordstyle=[5]{\bfseries \color{declarationColor}},
  • See tex.stackexchange.com/questions/142582/…. – jub0bs Dec 2 '14 at 16:58
  • alsoletter=\% – jub0bs Dec 2 '14 at 17:02
  • Sorry if I wasn't specific enough but I need to be able to distinguish between %-prefix and $-prefix (so they can have different colors) and using the "identifier style" highlights too much, i.e. identifiers without the prefix as well, which it shouldn't. Thanks for the help though! – LukasPJ Dec 2 '14 at 17:51
  • @Jubobs since you found this already, maybe you could assisst me on the code you posted in the other thread? It seems to fail because it tries to up-quote the $-sign on the $-prefixed variables which results in the following error: "Improper alphabetic constant. $" I believe that code could do the trick if it worked with % and $. – LukasPJ Dec 2 '14 at 17:58

I expanded on Jubobs solution and by lots of research on the internet came up with a solution that handled this case.

\lstnewenvironment{TorqueScript}{\lstset{ style=TS }\inTStrue}{\inTSfalse}


% ``state variables''
% --- patch to automatically highlight identifier starting by @
% (only outside strings and comments, though) ---

% local variables


    % copy the first token in \the\lst@token to \@testChar
    % reset switch
    % equality test
    % apply class style if not within string or comment
    % Handle specialcase "%this"

With that code which is largely just an expansion upon Jubobs code, I was able to get the following result:


Most notable difference is that I had to use:


Because the \ifnum would complain about "Improper alphabetic character".

Also worth to notice is the \ifinTS I added to make sure this didn't affect other languages.

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