Even in display math I guess that there is too little space between the top horizontal line of the radix symbol and the horizontal line of a \frac. How can I control that vertical space?

I have a related question. When using a radix, the horizontal line becomes to close to the argument of the \sqrt. We can try to fix that by using \sqrt{\mathstrut x^2 + 3 x} instead of \sqrt{x^2 + 3 x} but now the vertical space becomes too grandiose! How can I fix and finetune it very? I have the impression that these problems are also related by the choice of the font. I see this problem more pronounced using Lucida math fonts as opposed to Times math fonts. But anyway, it is good to know how to finetune such things in principle.

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  • You can a;ways use \raisebox to fine tune the vertical spacing (above and below). – John Kormylo Dec 3 '14 at 13:33