I have set the preamble such that the headers of chapter (the ones in which \chapter{}) show on even pages the title of the chapter itself and on odd pages the title of the section. But when I use \chapter*{}, for example for the introduction or the conclusion, there are pages (sometimes odd ones and sometimes even ones) on which the header appears correctly and pages on which the header is missing, but I would like to have, for instance "INTRODUCTION" or "CONCLUSION" both on even and odd pages.

\documentclass[12 pt, a4paper]{book}

\fancyhead[LE]{{\small \leftmark}} % even pages!
\fancyhead[RO]{{\small \rightmark}} % odd pages!

\markboth{\uppercase {Introduction}}



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    – cfr
    Dec 7, 2014 at 0:59

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\markboth takes two arguments --- not one:

\markboth{\uppercase {Introduction}}{\uppercase {Introduction}}

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