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I need to give a answer line along the question. what should I do?

That is if I have a question like this..

The value of $\sin^2\theta+\cos^2\theta=______________$

What should I do to put dash along the question itself.

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Use \rule command like the following:

The value of $\sin^2\theta+\cos^2\theta=\rule{60pt}{1pt}$

If I correctly understand your question, you want to obtain something similar to the following:



%The value of $\sin^2\theta+\cos^2\theta=______________$

\hbox to\linewidth{The value of $\sin^2\theta+\cos^2\theta=\hrulefill$}


enter image description here

I would suggest rather ...\theta={}\hrulefill... for better spacing around = sign.

  • oh.. i may be not clear.. I need the answer what vahid Posted. @Przemyslaw – David Dec 7 '14 at 7:06
  • @David So exactly what I made: an underscore to the end of a line. Or I am missing something? – Przemysław Scherwentke Dec 7 '14 at 7:09

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