I browsed the internet for quite some time, but have not found a solution to the following problem pertaining to the use of acronyms.

  1. I want to use capitalization of acronyms as provided by the acro package, e.g. \Ac{bla}.

  2. I want that acronyms are "reintroduced" in, say, every section or chapter, as provided by the acronym package.

Is there any possibility to get this "combined" functionality, for example by adapting either the acro or the acronym package?

Many thanks for your help in advance!

Cheers, from a desperate university dude.

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You can obtain the desired result with the package glossaries. 1) \Ac{} is in the package 2) Is obtained by redifining the section command to include \glsresetall to reset if the acronym has been used.

\newacronym{tedc}{TEDC}{tunable electrical dispersion compensation}


\section{new topic}


You can use etoolbox' \preto to add acro's \acresetall to every call of \chapter or \section:

  short = foo ,
  long  = the description of foo



\Ac{foo}, now short: \ac{foo}.

\Ac{foo}, now short: \ac{foo}.


enter image description here

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